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These 3 Things That Affect Our Family and Friend Relationships

Let’s be real, relationships are a hit or miss, especially with friends, family or co-workers. We sometimes do not know why some last or change, but conversations do not last, and this may be the reason why relationships change.

According to Psychology Today, a study tells that 3 behavior techniques backfires conversations. These techniques are teasing, whining and nagging. Here’s a breakdown of these 3 things and how you can solve them:

1. Teasing

Problem: Teasing can sometimes lead to hurting people’s feelings. Why? Some grow up getting bullied in school and people can be very sensitive.

Solution: Teasing can go awry in positive and negative ways. Ask yourself if you want to continue your relationship with the other and see if it’s worth the time.

2. Whining

Problem: Someone complains constantly and it's irritating that drives others away and often fails to get anyone to pay attention to you.

Solution: Find a way to address your complaints by looking the outside picture of the problem. In order to figure this out, look at both sides of the problem and address it.

3. Nagging

Problem: You know the person’s tone of voice when they have a problem with you, especially if you repeat your complaint to everyone.

Solution: Test yourself in not commenting any issue for a week. This can save yourself and remove the issue off your complaint list.

What to do if these three things happen? Take a look at what’s going on and re-evaluate constructively.

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