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Conquering Adversity One Step at a Time

In October 2020, I self-published a book, Conquering Adversity One Step at a Time. This book consists of essays about overcoming toxic friendships, rejection, and many more while being a Black man in America. 
You can purchase a copy of my book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

"The narrative maintains a steady pace through its scene; it's more of like a rollercoaster of different emotions like love, care, Heartbreak, hope, and dreams. You will feel the gripping effect in the writings of Larry Stansbury. The author reveals himself and his pain in ways that are vulnerable and engaging. For every idea and insight he offers, he has a story from his own life. This makes the book believable and inspiring. Overall, this book has potentially life-changing value for anyone who resonates with Di Blasio's experience."

The Book Reviewer

"The author illustrates a vivid picture of their and there friends journeys into adulthood and the difficulties they encountered along the way. It was inspiring to read how they rose above all the adversity in their life. It definitely brought a few tears to my eyes along the way."


"Larry Stansbury writes from the heart, letting the reader truly appreciate each word on the page. The book is a page turner from the beginning. Larry shares his struggles and triumphs in their purest form, walking the reader through it all and offering honest, direct, sarcastic, and poignant lessons throughout the journey. The book is a must read, and makes a great gift for anyone trying to navigate the punches that life throws. I highly recommend “Conquering Adversity: One Step at a Time” and can’t wait to continue to follow this budding author as his career progresses."


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Before and By Now

In August 2021, I self-published a poetry book, Before and By Now. A collection of poetry, Before and By Now is a journey of self-accountability, love, friendship, and forgiveness. Trials and Tribulations. The ups and downs. Everything in between. A reflection of your 20's.

You can purchase a copy of my book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble
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