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Among the sparse silver linings of 2021 are a slate of solid TV shows. This year’s lineup has kept us glued to our sofas for many binge-watching sessions, from highly-anticipated returns like The Handmaid’s Tale, You, and Grace and Frankie to new dramas such as La Brea, Cruel Summer, and Maid. We’re enjoying shows like Insecure, which is airing its last season, as they give us good laughs through superb writing (you’re still debating over whether you are #TeamIssa or #TeamLawrence). And we’ve also grieved over our favorites (*cough* The Bold Type and Younger). There's a massive number of TV shows from all streaming services and networks, but how are you supposed to get any sleep if you want to stay up to watch them all?

While watching every minute of the show, you go on Twitter to see what every fan is talking about from tonight's episode. Many applaud on each episode, from Hacks to The White Lotus, to remind you how much you love Jennifer Coolidge (which her memes will make your day) and bring conversations to the forefront. Let's not forget how you felt after watching the deadly stakes competition in Squid Games or crying over the Pearson family in This Is Us (final season coming in 2022).

Of course, you look forward to a great show even if you have to wait a while or a little longer than expected due to production. So, if you are planning a night in, curled up on the couch and eating take out with a good show on, check out our picks for the best TV shows of 2021 below.

  1. Rule The World

  2. Sex Education

  3. Bo Burnham: Inside

  4. The Underground Railroad

  5. The White Lotus

  6. Succession

  7. Arcane

  8. Insecure

  9. Feel Good

  10. WandaVision

  11. Loki

  12. What If…?

  13. Squid Game

  14. Mare of Easttown

  15. P-Valley

  16. Only Murders in the Building

  17. Ted Lasso

  18. Hacks

  19. Hawkeye

  20. It’s a Sin

  21. Yellowjackets

  22. The Wonder Years

  23. Maid

  24. We Are Lady Parts

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