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Sista, Sista! The Fashion Icons of Yin2MyYang

You can never go wrong creating a blog with your sister. Because a sister will always have your back no matter what and never leaves your side. I had the pleasure of speaking with Sophie and Charlotte Bickley, the sister duo of Yin2MyYang, and got the scoop on what's their secrets to a good Instagram post and how to be a successful blogger:

I wanted to take the time to get started on how you and your sister created Yin2MyYang and the backstory from creating this blog to becoming two fashion icons?

CB & SB: When we started our blog, we thought it would just be a passion project on the side. We loved the idea of being able to express our style through an outlet and help people with their own style choices. We never saw two stylish sisters on Instagram who truly was so Yin & Yang but also offered two different styles. This is essentially how we ended up creating the name of our blog.

Instagram has revolutionized the world of influencers. What was it like for you both to create content that’s different and original from other influencers? How do you both stand out from others?

CB & SB: Because it’s such a saturated market, it’s easy to look at what other influencers are always doing. But for us, we always put the most genuine version of ourselves on Instagram because our audience can always tell what is authentic and what isn’t.

Fashion is a statement and from NYFW, do you see any styles you liked that you want to add to your wardrobe?

CB & SB: Yes definitely! One of the looks we are into right now is the prairie style kind of look. Also, animal prints like zebra, cow, and snakeskin are super on-trend right now as well as embellishments. The continuation of neon is also big for us because we love to rock neon together.

How would you both describe your style?

SB: I would describe my style as spontaneous, eccentric, and contemporary. I like to experiment with fun things and mix them with contemporary and on-trend pieces.

CB: I am definitely more posh, feminine, and current. I am like to stay on top of current trends and mix them with my femininity to have a chic style.

You both hold an Editor at Large position at Daily Front Row, one of the best fashion industry publications, and working Bumble, what are your day-to-day responsibilities?

CB & SB: For Daily Front Row, we both attend events and interview people on the red carpet for the Instagram account. In addition, we write articles for them highlighting exciting new things and brands that are hot right now in the form of interviews. For Bumble, we learned so much about event planning and serve as event coordinators for Bumble events on all forms of the platform such as Bumble BFF, Bumble Bizz, and Bumble Dating.

What are the future goals of Yin2MyYang?

CB & SB: We are constantly thinking about the future of our brand and what we can do with it. We love to maybe have a brand of our own one day or get into styling, and we’ve definitely discussed a podcast of some sort.

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