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Museum of SEX in NYC Got Me Feeling Some Type of Way

It’s always good to switch things up a notch; touring museums in New York City. I did something a little out of my league. My roommate and I were grabbing a late breakfast on a Saturday morning. We didn’t have any plans; however, we were checking up places on our phones for museums that were inexpensive.

We decided to go to The Museum of Sex.

Here were some highlights of the Museum (Don’t worry, these pictures are PG-13):

I need this robe in my life!

Roommate, Monica, getting cotton candy. It was delicious!

We look good, thanks for having us!

I will be honest with you: I was 50/50% ready for the museum. I saw advertisements on the subway on my commute to work and posters on the MTA station walls with TV shows coming up later this year. I thought to myself, why not just go there and experience it for yourself or with your roommate. Sex is a major factor in our lives; we all read the sex column on Cosmopolitan Magazine to get sex advice, talk about our crazy hookup stories to our friends, and give them the juicy details (let’s take a moment to sip our tea because there’s more). We even have family members (aunts, uncles, including our grandparents) who have more of a sex drive than we do.

If you don’t believe me, check out this commercial below to make your day.

I think it’s beneficial for many people to tour museums that are different; you never know what it will be like until you experience it. I did it and it was fine with me.

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