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Let Your Body Do That Hot Yoga

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

I love doing yoga because it relaxes the mind, body, and soul! I recently signed up from using ClassPass (here’s a tip: when you sign up, you get 45 points free to take up to 5 classes, then after when you used all your points, you have to pay $79 a month for ClassPass and you can cancel anytime you want!).

I decided to take a Hot Yoga class with my roommate. We went to the Y7 studio near the Flatiron Building. I will say you will sweat your butt off from this class and it will release the toxins from your body. The class is set 90 degrees in the yoga studio. After the class, we decided to do a small photoshoot. Check out the image below (Y’all were not ready for this):

Don't worry, I was wearing a sweatshirt and pants before I took this!

I will honestly say it was one of the best yoga I’ve ever done. A great start on a Monday!

Try Hot Yoga and let me know what you think!


Larry Stansbury

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