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John Cena Gives Insight on His WWE, Acting, and Philanthropy Career

If you were a millennial kid, then you’ve watched John Cena on WWE Raw. You tuned in on a Monday night or waited for the pay-per-view event Wreslemania to watch your favorite wrestlers in action, defeating their opponent to win the championship belt.

Apart from his WWE career, John is also a recording artist, actor, and philanthropist. In 2018, he received the Sports Illustrated Muhammad Ali Legacy Award for his anti-bullying and cancer-awareness campaigns along with visiting military active and wounded troops. Cena knows that with his wrestling career, box-office hits, and philanthropic work, he’ll never retire from WWE.

"I don’t think I’ll ever retire, because I don’t look at it like that,” John told Good Housekeeping. “You don’t retire from your family, I will never, ever stop waving the WWE flag. I don’t think I’ll ever separate myself from them."

This is a big move for John, but he has to realize that at his age, things may become difficult for the WWE star. “I already know that I’m a little lighter, I’m a little slower, I’m not as strong, so all of the physical signs are like 'I’m here, I’m here, I’m here,'” Cena said.

John will be starring in the new comedy Playing With Fire playing Jake Carson, a smokejumper who is forced to babysit three siblings. He’ll be appearing in The Suicide Squad sequal and Fast and Furious 9. We will see where his next career move will be.

"It's foolishly 'sports cliché,' but I just try to keep my feet planted where I'm at, and live in the today and now, and just do the best with the now."

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