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I Took My Roommate to Urgent Care and This What Happened

I received a text message from my roommate asking if I could go with her to Urgent Care. She had several symptoms: constantly vomiting, Chest pain, labored breathing, couldn't keep anything down, fever and chills.

This what happened when we went there:

1. Doctor gave her a shot

2. She passed out for a good 20 minutes

3. Doctor comes back to check up on her

4. Doctor gave her Orange Gatorade (her favorite!) to see if she could hold liquids in her system (which she did!)

5. We left to go to CVS to pickup her prescription and she also purchased pedialyte popsicles

Safe to say she's doing fine! I would go in good detail what happened, but that's a long story! Have any crazy roommate Urgent Care stories? Let me know in the comments below!


Larry Stansbury

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