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I Pledge Allegiance to All my Girls Marching in a Different Beat

I should be like most people participating in an organization or marching on my two feet for what I believe in. We, as a society, have to do what’s right. Luckily, I did that for my birthday weekend by attending my first march. I woke up to a regular Saturday morning and got myself together for the day. My roommate and I headed to the Upper West Side to participate in the International Women’s March in NYC.

I was marching in a different beat by unapologetic-ally holding up a “Shut up & Listen,” poster and LGBT flag. The outcome of doing this march was getting over my fear of participating in a march.  My advice is to get out of your comfort zone and do something that's positive, let your voice be heard, be in something that you want your kids to know in the future that you were a part of an organization, activism to say the least.

Here are some highlights of the march:

Love this! These girls made my day!

The roomie!

Ghostbusters in the house!

That's my girl, that's my girl, that my girl!

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