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I Got My Nails Done for the First Time and Here’s What Happened

All my life, I've been picky with my nails. I don't like them to get dirty or want to ruin them. Yes, I wasn't like the boys who love getting messy when it comes to playing sport or touching dirty dishes when it was my turn to wash them after dinner.

For the first time in my life, I decided it was time to get my nails done. While my mom booked an appointment, I asked if I can get them done with her. We scheduled a place down the street from where we live, and little I can say is that I was super nervous.

When I walked in, they had to take our temperatures because of COVID. Then, we had to fill out a form to see if we had experienced any symptoms like coughing, headaches, etc. When we finished filling out the forms, mom and I had to wait until they called us to start our toenails.

Here's a rundown on what they do to getting either a manicure or pedicure:

They have you soak your nails in a bowl filled with warm water (it's a scented oil.) Then, the nail technicians You can have your nails shape your nails (either rounded to square-tipped.) My advice is to ask what makes your nails last long because some nails will break if they are shaped wrong. The nail technician will work on one hand while the other hand is soaking. After soaking, then it's time for nail polish; if you're not into color, getting clear will make it look so dashing.

After several applications of nail polish, you'll put your hands on the fan to help dry and harden the nails. This will take about five or ten minutes. The first thing to do afterward is to be very careful with your nails for hours. If you chip the polish a few hours later, make sure to call the salon, and they will let you come back for a quick fix.

Overall Experience:

It was great getting pampered, having someone treat you like royalty, asking if you like the water temperature of them washing your feet, cleaning out your nails and cuticles, not having any hangnails. The process of cleaning your toenails takes roughly 30 minutes to an hour (especially if it's your first time.)

They took my nail virginity. Let me know what your first experience at a nail salon in the comments below.

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