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3 Real AF Things You Learn From a Year After College

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

You enter the real world filled with endless opportunities and possibilities, starting a new chapter in your life. You dreamed of being in New York City or Los Angeles, working at a reputable company, and living in your dream place. This is a dream, but you get a reality check that transitioning from college to adulthood is not what it seems to be.

I began my journey in New York City to work for a public relations firm as a fellow. I thought I had everything, but I was hit with many factors. I was scammed for housing before I had to move-in to the city to start my new job. I had to resign my fellowship months later and start the whole job application process again.  I put so much effort into job applications and went on endless job interviews to put myself out there. I cried many nights and barely ate due to being stressed in overthinking of how will I pay my bills. Everything started to fall into place a few months later when I got a job, found a new apartment, and started to discover myself again. 

Also, I started to focus on my passion by writing articles that reflected my everyday struggles. Then I signed a lease for my new apartment and rediscovered myself. To anyone having difficulty in the real world, here are 3 facts that you need to know in your first year out in the real world:

If a job is not meant for you, then it's not for you

  • If you go in for a job interview, thinking everything was peaches and cream, then you’re wrong. Recruiters or human resources interview so many people and sometimes there are always people who are more qualified than you.

Social media creates a perception of everyone

  • You’ll be surprised when a few people you graduated with are experiencing the same thing as you are. The thing with social media is that when we post pictures, it’s creating a perception to everyone to think we have everything, but it’s not like that.

When one door closes, another one opens for you

  • If things don't go as planned, just have hope for yourself because there’s a job that’s right for you. We think after going in a job interview that we didn’t get the job, turns out you get the job offer.

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